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    Tutorial - How to make a pom pom!

    holy shit. this brings back memories. back in high school, all my friends got really into knitting and crocheting, and eventually it just evolved into an obsession with all things yarn. one friend, bettaphish, started a pom pom trend. we made pom poms during breakfast, during class, during lunch, on the metro, at home, in our sleep…this continued for weeks. teachers who passed by could see us either frantically cutting up cardboard donuts, or spacing out in class while wrapping yarn. they didn’t even say anything because it’s fucking art school. it’s 10000% expected that we’d be doing weird shit. and we would fucking go to the craft store after school to buy more fucking yarn. then googly eyes and feathers and glitter were involved. we made them in aaaallll shapes and sizes and textures and colors. for her senior project, the pom pom trendsetter filled the school gallery with them. there were fucking pom poms everywhere. never forget pom pom mayhem 2k09

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    don’t be a little shit to me on tinder

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    Kae Q is taking a short break to harvest plants and create more goodies. when we come back, we’ll have a new look + all sorts of fresh skincare products to try out!

    until then, use the code RXWCED in the shop to receive 25% off.

    all our beauty products are handcrafted in Miami with local ingredients and love.

    now’s your chance to stock up on lippies for Halloween!!!!

    Nicole makes awesome indie makeup! Try it out!

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    The Sea Angel (Gymnosomata) Is a group of sea slug that grow no larger than 5cm. These obscure little creatures are found in a wide range of habitats from polar to tropical regions of the sea. 


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  5. ""Anaconda" shifts the common narrative of a man conquering female bodies to Minaj’s own stories of sexcapades without apologies. Towards the end, the only man in the video appears: Drake, seated in the middle of an empty room with roaming spotlights and Minaj treating him to a lap dance. In the final seconds, he reaches to touch Minaj’s ass after she had been flaunting it in his face, and she immediately swats his hand and struts away. Her body belongs to her, and she can twerk it and work it however she pleases, and she doesn’t owe anything to anyone."
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    Sex positivity means many things, but it does not mean that all sex is positive or enjoyable.

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  7. faineemae:

    i’m just saying, take as many selfies as you want.

    there are multi-million dollar companies with old white men as ceos that profit off of your low self-esteem and self-hate. 

    destroy them.

    love yourself.

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  9. Creative Mornings - Wade Thompson

    It’s about a week late, but here’s my recap on the Creative Mornings lecture I went to last week, featuring Wade Thompson of Sons & Sons.

    A lot has happened in the last month. I’ve moved to Atlanta, I’ve started working as a Junior Designer at Porter Novelli, I’ve had to learn how to drive in a place with drivers as bad as those in Miami, and, I’m trying to find a sense of design-community camaraderie here in the Big Peach. Thankfully, I have a few good friends that have been here a little longer than me to show me where to find it.

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    "Columbia Univeristy senior Emma Sulkowicz plans on carrying an extra-long, twin-size to every class, every day until the man she says raped her moves off campus. Sulkowicz is one of three women who made complaints to Columbia against the same fellow senior, who was found "not responsible" in all three cases."

    Beyond ‘No Means No’  by Jessica Valenti for The Guardian

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